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Your go-to space for decoding the financially complex and getting straight-forward steps, tips and inspiration to get on the right path to financial security.

We want your relationship with money to be a positive one. Yes, you can enjoy life and save money at the same time! You can make money without taking ridiculously big risks. You can get a better deal or a better rate or a cheaper product, if you know where to go and have the confidence to make the call! And…you need to know who the gurus and specialists are that you should turn to for Advice.

Thanks for joining us and taking the first baby-steps towards a financially happy life.


All about ETFs

Join me as I speak to Pat Garrett, co-CEO and Founder of Six Park as we delve into all of the above and more, unpacking the world of ETFs.

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Superannuation for Younger Generations

Financial Adviser and PHD candidate, Dawn Thomas talks with Gen about some ways to discuss Superannuation with the younger generations.

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Economic Update

Join me as I speak with Anthony Doyle, Economist and Cross-Asset specialist at Fidelity as he talks through the global and Australian financial markets, decodes interest rates, discusses the property market, and more.

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Decoding Cryptocurrency Pt.4 – The conclusion

In the final chapter of our mini-series, Tim and I look at the key things we have learnt about cryptocurrency, and touch on the couple of things that despite our best efforts, remain a mystery!

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Decoding Cryptocurrency – Part 3

This week Tim & Gen chat to a Blockchain expert and get his insights on his rise through the Crypto world and the real life uses for this amazing technology.

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I am loving this podcast!

If you’ve ever Googled, ‘how to get wealthyโ€™ and sat bug-eyed and confused in front of your computer, it’s okayโ€ฆyouโ€™re not alone. And thatโ€™s why I am loving this podcast by Gen Frost of @therealitycheque who takes all those adulting money topics like finances, insurance and shares, and puts them in a language that makes sense. If you listen closely you will even learn what Tinder and the share market have in common. ๐Ÿ’•

Danielle Cornelissen
Danielle Cornelissen

Great for financial literacy and success

I’m a financial advice professional so I know this stuff pretty well. This podcast is great at explaining some essential concepts in a very easy to understand and highly engaging manner. Keep it up!


Very informative and easy to understand

Brilliant! Very informative and easy to understand.


Great podcast with practical tips

Great podcast with practical tips you can implement to take charge of your finances.

Captain Swifte

Infectious enthusiasm!

Gen eases us into โ€œeverydayโ€ financial concepts that can escape us and gives practical advice to make us more financially literate and empowered. Iโ€™m 33, self-employed and looking to buy my first home in the next few years. Gen is not only giving me the tools to take charge of this project but is making me feel excited to work towards achieving this goal. Highly recommend!

Cait in Melbourne

Love it!

Such great info in a easy format. Not long and complicated episodes, straight to the point and good useable doable advice!


Your Host

Gen Frost

Hi everyone! My name is Gen and Iโ€™m the Founder and host of The Reality Cheque. Iโ€™m also the wife to a wonderful, home-cook extraordinaire, Fixed-Income loving English sportsmad husband and mum to two incredible little girls who keep me insanely busy and chockers full of love (with a healthy wine habit!).

Although an entire career in Finance, my own journey hasnโ€™t been a smooth one. I have made bad financial decisions, and some really good ones. We have had financial highs and lows that have been completely out of our control. But through this, Iโ€™ve picked up some really great lessons and habits.

I am so passionate about talking to people of all ages and all backgrounds, to help educate them to feel confident in making good financial decisions. Too many of us have sleepless nights, worrying about money. Where is it all going? How do I make more? How do I make the money I have, work for me? Can I get a better deal? It’s time to take action guys. It is your time for financial happiness.

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Gen Frost