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The Reality Cheque is the passion project of our host, Genevieve Frost.

Gen has spent her career working in Finance, across Financial Planning, Funds Management and Super & Investment Platform and although she would never claim to be an expert on all things Finance, Gen is lucky enough to have access to a bunch of legends who really are the experts!

The Reality Cheque is all about understanding your financial position, what steps you can take to make sure you both understand the key aspects and most importantly, know what changes or decisions you can make to get into a better place. Whether it is financial freedom, peace of mind or world domination you are looking for…good financial literacy will give you the best chance of getting there.

Gen Frost and daughters

Gen Frost

Hi everyone! My name is Gen and I’m the Founder and host of The Reality Cheque. I’m also the wife to a wonderful, home-cook extraordinaire, English sportsmad husband and the very proud mum to two incredible little girls who keep me insanely busy and chockers full of love (with a healthy wine habit)!

Although an entire career in Finance, my own journey hasn’t been a smooth one. I have made bad financial decisions, and some really good ones. We have had financial highs and lows that have been completely out of our control. But through this, I’ve picked up some really great lessons and habits.

I am so passionate about talking to people of all ages and all backgrounds, to help educate them to feel confident in making good financial decisions. Too many of us have sleepless nights, worrying about money.

Where is it all going?  How do I make more?
How do I make the money I have, work for me?  Can I get a better deal?

It’s time to take action guys. It is your time for financial happiness.

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Time for financial happiness